Sr. Mary Gabriel passed away – July 10th

Sr. Mary Gabriel, on the right, with another sister

Sr. Mary Gabriel- nee Mary Rose Jones

born October 4, 1933 and died July 10, 2019

On Wednesday, July 10th our Sr. Mary Gabriel went home to God, in the early morning before Mass.  When Father arrived, he went upstairs and anointed Sister and we sang the Salve.

Sister came to contemplative life from the Amityville Dominicans, where she and her Sister Ann were teachers.  Sister taught third grade and was always partial to the little ones and she to them. She entered in Connecticut at our Lady of Grace Monastery and came to us the year when we were shorthanded because of the NEW studies program at the Formation House in Washington DC,  to help in the kitchen and stayed.

She made Solemn Vows here in 1999 and took the Divine Presence as her religious title. Her Sister Ann came with decorations for an impressive party celebration.  Sister was in the kitchen and also had extern duty which all the children who came to the door loved!

Sister was in a nursing home for 4 years when walking became impossible.  When she returned home, she retired to the Infirmary.  She learned how to be independent with help from some wonderful and caring Aides and Visiting nurses and was either in her super model wheelchair or resigned to lying in bed… with her ever present Rosary!  She went daily to Mass and kept the adoration in the late afternoon and stayed for supper and Compline.

Sister loved the Contemplative and Dominican life of adoration.